Laura Cooper Elm

Lives and works in Crested Butte, CO

Education: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

About the Artist

Laura's lush and verdant work is an amalgam of ceramics, painting and digital mixed media; a process that reaches into epochs of historical reference where seemingly incongruent flecks of artistic ore are mined and melded into fluent lyrical visual metaphors.

Her clay work includes functional vessels and sculptural forms overlaid with painterly content like tattoos on skin.  The Tattoo Foo Series imparts inherent luck, often blind; sometimes dumb; to traditional tomb figures which she calls Guardians of Soul. These figures are the domain of Heaven and Hell and based on the metaphorical fine line humans tend to walk.  Inspired by classic literature and romantic poetry, frequent elements of her work incorporate strong graphic qualities, universal themes, ever present suns and moons, and an essence of time.  The subject matter ties in nicely with LC's own oddly American heritage - the common denominator for overlapping spheres of influence.

SELECTED Exhibits + Awards:

2017 Mugshots Mojo Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2013 First Place People's Choice, Clay Continuum, SPACe Gallery, La Veta, CO

2013 Second Place, Sculptural Ceramics, Clay Continuum, SPACe Gallery, La Veta, CO

2011 Best in Show/Functional Ceramics, Clay Continuum, SPACe Gallery, La Veta, CO

2010 Contemporary Clay Biennial, The Art Center, Grand Junction, CO

2005 American Craft Council, Chicago, IL

2004 American Craft Council, Chicago, IL

2003 American Craft Council, Baltimore, MD