Carol Connor - Artist

Carol Connor is a longtime resident of the Crested Butte area, whose art has been exhibited locally and nationally for over 35 years. Her work is diverse, ranging from intuitive abstract paintings to assemblages made from found and altered objects to equine art.

“My paintings invite you to go into the landscape, beyond its breathtaking surfaces, into its interstices, those in- between places of environment and nature that may look empty but are very much alive. These are spaces filled with energy, movement and life force, holding the sorts of secrets that are available to all, if felt and sensed intuitively.

As I make nature based, intuitive art, I sense, listen, observe and hold questions within my heart, such as:

-What are the unseen, wordless exchanges, from species to species,

element to element [air, fire, earth and water], and more?

-What is happening here? What has happened and may happen?

- What do horses think? What does the wind say to water? How does the rain

inform a river, a high mountain stream?

The history of ranching and mining is threaded with inventive use of what is at hand. I tap into this vein, as I make assemblages from pieces of rusted ranching machinery, used ordinary household items.

Horses are a primary part of my life. Some of my equine drawings and paintings are portraits of individual horses and their relationships to each other. Others are about the qualities all horses; of freedom, movement and power, and of their essence that continues to weave into human hearts.”

Carol and her husband live on a working cattle ranch, with their horses, dog, cat and a variety of wildlife. Her website is .